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Certified Public Accounting & Investment Advisory Services

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A P Limbert CPA/RIA Services


Data Entry, Tracking Day-to-Day Operations, Reconciliation


Accruals and Deferrals


Capital Budgeting, Financial Budgeting, Operational Budgeting, and Sales Budgeting

Financial Analysis

Analytical Procedures, Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis, Incremental Analysis, Liquidity, Solvency and Credit Risk Analysis, Operation Analysis, Profitability Analysis

Investment Advisory

Asset Allocation, Investment Planning, Investment Rebalancing (See Form ADV)

Tax Preparation

Federal, State, Local

Accounting Management

Accounting for Capital Structures, Accounting for Investments, Acquisition and Disposition of Property, Plant and Equipment, Cost of Goods Sold Procedures - For Complex Inventory Systems, Depreciation, Job Costing, Management Only financial Statements with No Footnote Disclosures

Outsourced Controller

Accounting for Complex Capital Structures, Accounting for Post Retirement Benefits,   Agreed-upon Procedures, Contingencies, Impairments and Depletion, Dilutive Securities and Earnings per Share, Financial Reporting of Accounting Changes and Errors, Financial Statement Full Disclosures, Internal Auditing,  Inventory Valuation, Retained Earnings Procedures - For Complex Capital Structures,  Standard Costing System Design

Outsourced CFO

Accounting for Income Taxes, Accounting Information System Design, Business Combinations, Consolidation, Corporate Reorganizations and Liquidations, Debentures and Troubled Debt, Debt Restructuring, Earnings Per Share, Foreign Currency Transactions and Financial Statements, Internal Control Design, Partnership Formation, Change in Ownership and Liquidation, Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing, Share-Based Compensation