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About A P Limbert CPA/RIA

A P Limbert CPA/RIA was founded by Alexander P. Limbert in the year 2000 and has remained under the same ownership since inception.  The Firm specializes in accounting and investment advisory services for businesses and their owners.  A P Limbert CPA/RIA distinguishes itself from other accountants and financial advisors by being both a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). 

A P Limbert CPA/RIA helps businesses by offering a range of financial services to help business owners and their team measure, manage, and accomplish their financial goals.  The firm performs bookkeeping, budgeting, accounting management, financial analysis, investment advisory, tax research, outsource controllership and CFO services.   The Firm also prepares financial statements and customized management reports and performs internal audits, internal control design and analysis.

When it comes to investment strategy, A P Limbert CPA/RIA generally adopts a passive investment strategy and specializes in exchange-traded funds. The Firm's recommendations generally entail allocating clients' investments over various asset classes, geographic areas, industries, and various other sub-classifications.  See Form ADV.

A P Limbert CPA/RIA considers the suitability of each investment recommendation based on each clients' unique needs, investment objectives, risk tolerance, account type, ownership structure and whether each client needs to preserve capital, remain liquid, maintain a steady income and/or obtain balanced, moderate or aggressive asset appreciation.

From time to time, A P Limbert CPA/RIA writes and publishes investment related articles, newsletters and reports on a non-subscription basis to clients and to the public free of charge.